Corporate agreements

As a local business, we understand the value in supporting other local businesses and their team members.

We have established preferred rates for corporations willing to choose Apex Massage as their “go to” massage clinic.

The discounted rates will allow your employees to stretch their benefits even further while enjoying a quality massage

with one of our 30 Registered Massage Therapists either at our clinic, located only a 10 minute drive from downtown

or at your location.   


On-site massage


1) Chair massage

The benefits of having a wellness program at work are many, but by simply having a professional offer chair massage

to you and your co-workers during work hours boosts morale while decreasing stress hormones.

Each person is scheduled for 15-30 min and will experience a combination of deep tissue, acupressure, stretching

and percussion techniques. This massage is easy to arrange in a boardroom or lunch room. No oil is used

and participant remains dressed at all times. Most often the areas worked on are the muscle groups in the neck,

shoulders, back, arms and hands. These are generally the areas where most of the tension builds up. This style

of treatment rejuvenates the team, helps increase the bottom line and decreases health care claims.

This type of massage service is convenient, accessible and easy to arrange for monthly massages, trade-shows,

staff appreciation days, fund raising events, races, birthdays, corporate events or as a reward after meeting

a deadline. 


2) Table massage at your location can also be arranged

Why massage?

·         Counteract sitting/desk postures

·         Ease muscle pain

·         Improve sleep

·         Boost immune system

·         Relieve tension/headaches

·         Soothe anxiety and depression

·         Improve immune system

·         Increase circulation

To learn more about our preferred rates program or to schedule an on-site chair or table massage for your staff

please contact us at or by phone 403-270-7788.