Many consider massage as a complimentary health service that offers you relief of the many discomforts experienced while pregnant. It can relieve neck and back pain, improve sleep, reduce labour times and offer Moms-to-be peace of mind while your body changes. All moms and moms to be deserve this time alone to focus on themselves during these changes. Massage helps relieve the pain that is caused from the ligaments loosening and aids in reducing the edema (bloating) that some women experience. 


Our treatments are offered on pregnancy bolsters; which can allow some women to lie on their stomach up to the ninth month. Alternatively, massage can be offered in the side-line position using body pillows for your ultimate comfort.


Let one of our administration team choose your therapist for you.

Not all therapists are trained in pre-natal massage, please allow us the privilege to pair you with one of our team that is fully trained in this massage therapy treatment. Please contact our clinic for the best experience.