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you will receive an email or call from us During our business hours confirming the status of your request.

We guarantee same day appointments when you call prior to 10am Mon - Thursday. 

When you have pain, you don’t want to wait. When you’re busy you don’t want to be told our next available time is two weeks away.

You are busy - Schedule your massage when your time allows. There is no need to depend on one therapist for your treatments, we want to see you when you need or want a massage.


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Things to know:

  • Arrive five minutes prior to your appointment.

  • Discuss why you have come today and what your concerns are, if you have any.

  • When alone in the treatment room, undress and cover yourself with the sheet provided.

  • Soft music will be playing and the lighting will be relaxing.

  • Your therapist will return to the room once you are covered and ready to begin your massage.

  • Only the area being massaged will be uncovered.  All Apex therapists follow these guidelines and no exceptions are made.  Our clients are always covered.

  • Your therapist will leave the room at the end of your treatment to allow you to take your time getting dressed.

  • Once you have dressed, open the door and your therapist will return with water for you.  They will then discuss any concerns or demonstrate stretches and home care.

  • You will then proceed to the front area for payment and be given a receipt for insurance providers.  At this time, you may want to schedule a future treatment to ensure the date and time work best for you.





Words from our Owner

After a tragic accident which resulted in being confined to a wheelchair and back brace for months, hours of rehabilitation therapy allowed me to discover a new passion- massage therapy. I pursued studies and a career in massage therapy and Apex became my focus.  Our mission is to offer our clients an opportunity to reach their personal health goals through education, body awareness and professional massage treatments.  Our registered massage therapists take a leadership role by creating a client-centric experience –relationships being key. Our passion, is your passion for better living.

Shelly Macgregor

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