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We asked Calgary’s industry leaders to forecast 2019’s wellness trends; here is a look at their ideas and insights.


'Not just another Class'


I am getting used to hearing people at the Yoga Shala comment on the “friendly, warm community” we offer. People feel safe and not judged in our space, and this is key to making changes that are oriented towards well-being. These days there is an increase of workout offerings mixed in with yoga practice, and many people have expressed a desire to do “JUST yoga”, and to experience something deeper in their lives. People are searching for experiences or techniques to increase mindfulness and to manage stress and anxiety better. As so many of us are suffering in some way, we can benefit in environments where others are focusing on increasing quality of life, health and a level of contentment. Often we think about wellness as an individual endeavour, but a supportive social community is of undeniable importance.

Dana Blonde

Yoga Shala Calgary




“Integrating a HIIT style workout into you fitness routine”


This interval-based workout will give you the biggest “bang for your buck” for time strapped athletes. Runners, swimmers, cyclists in fact any long distance athlete will see their performance increase simply by integrating HIIT into your workout. These are intense anaerobic exercises that boost your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, improve insulin sensitivity, and burn off fat even after the exercise is finished. HIIT is an acronym for high-intensity interval training. It is a training technique where you give a 100% effort through quick bursts of energy. This is followed by a short and active recovery period. These short, very intense workouts all help you maintain lean muscle mass, and of course make you faster and stronger on the bike. One reason why exercise bikes are better than other machines to train HIIT is because of its low impact and it's an easier recovery in between the intervals. However, you do not even need a bike to get them done (though, of course, a bike is best since training on a bike is the best way to get fitter and faster on a bike). Additionally when participants can measure and visually see their power output during each interval, by way of a power meter, they are more aware and educated about their own personal ability - they are likely more motivated as well. 


Martine Yzerman






“Medicinal Mushrooms are Popping up Everywhere”

Medicinal mushrooms were once a unique supplement at a health food store but now can be found in many departments of any grocery store. Medicinal mushrooms are not the psychedelic mushrooms that our parents experimented with in the 70s! They are dried mushrooms that are adaptogens that tailor to what our bodies need to help us relax or get energized and supports our immune system. With the popularity of medicinal mushrooms growing, you can now find them in everything from hot chocolate powders to granola bars, teas and tinctures. There are many different kinds of medicinal mushrooms but our favourites include chaga (for energy), turkey tail (for immune support) and reishi (for stress relief). Keep your eyes peeled for Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Chocolate, Purica Immune 7, and Host Defense Peppermint Mushroom Throat Spray. These are all that great medicinal mushroom products for those wishing to start their mushroom exploration in 2019.


Kelsey Williams, C.H.N.C., Culinary Nutrition Expert




“Move your DNA”


For 100’s of years we have thought diet was the key to wellness, today we know that regular full body movement gives us long-term physical and mental health. Katy Bowman has started an international trend called “Nutritious Movement”.

She says “I propose that movement, like food, is not optional; that ailments you may be experiencing are simply (and complexly) symptoms of movement hunger in response to a movement diet that is dangerously low in terms of quantity and poor in terms of quality—meaning you aren’t getting the full spectrum of movement nutrition necessary for a baseline human function.”

We are not talking about exercise.

If you are exercising for one hour a day, that is still only 6% of your awake hours. This level of activity makes you an outlier in today’s’ sedentary life-style but it does not really fill you up. She makes the point that a lot of people drive to work, sit all day, drive to the grocery story, purchase chopped up vegetables, drive home, spend 30 minutes making a meal and then sit in the same chair or sofa to read or watch a favorite show. The trend is how to change the way you wake up, sit at your desk or watch your favorite show by incorporating slight rotations of your joints or sitting in a different way. More and more people are having knee and hip surgery because the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and all the fluids in these areas are not getting flushed by daily full range of motion activities. Our effort to move every part of our body into full flexion, extension and rotation to optimize our well-lived life is trending in 2019.

Visit her website to see what all the hub-bub is about.



Shelly Macgregor

Owner of Apex Massage Therapy ltd; Founder of Spagoes and Spa901





“Getting more done with sleep”

The sad reality is many of us are not getting enough good quality, uninterrupted sleep during the night. Lack of sleep can impact our mood, energy levels, skin and a long-term lack of sleep can have serious mood and health consequences.

 There has been a huge increase in interest in wearable fitness trackers and sleep monitors in the last few years and the trend continues to grow.  Experts are predicting the global market for sleep technology will hit $77bn in three years time with almost 60% of the demand for sleep technology coming from the US alone.

 For many, investing in a sleep tracker is the first step to understand their sleep patterns. Some of the devices will not only give you insights on how well you are resting during the night but also help you work out what will improve the quality of your sleep by offering personalised tips.

Here is a link to an article published by Techradar.com listing 8 best sleep trackers to buy in 2019: 



Monika Longworth,

Marketing Manager at Apex Massage Therapy ltd




Return to a balanced “diet”


Most diets start from the belief that something is wrong about your body. Something you don’t like needs to be fixed. We then restrict, deprive and try to control.

How about just loving our body enough to want to nurture it healthily. Not to force feed or starve, but to feed it a healthy nutritious, balanced diet that also gives us pleasure. To become aware of and listen to our bodies’ signals of hunger and satiation.



Tim Woolley, RMT

Lead at Apex Massage Therapy Ltd