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Take care of the ones you love with these 5 cool massage tools!

To save you time, we put together this list of our favourite self massage products we can’t live without! 

Improve health & reduce stress instantly!


1) Harmony Roller

 harmony roller_copy1

Price: $11.99+GST

This roller is our best selling item! It is one of the best self massage tools to use in between your massage appointments. A basic massage tool anyone seeking relaxation should use. Simply roll away your stress! Makes a nice stocking stuffer too!


2) Trigger Point Roller



Price: $33.99+GST

This self-help massage tool gives you the power to massage your whole body – head to toe!
It can relieve sore muscles, do trigger point release, muscle compression and assist with dynamic stretching/warm-up.


3) Foot Roller

 Foot roller, green_copy

Price: $9.99+GST

If you are a runner or your job requires you to stand for a log periods of time this foot roller will be your life saver!  It will massage, lengthen and stretch the muscles and fascia in your foot, toes and arches to prevent and deliver relief from sore or tired feet, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. 
It is a very simple solution for runners, walkers, cyclists and many other athletes to maintain conditioning in the foot to support better athletic performance and decreased pain during exercise. 


4) S-hook (Acu Shiatsu Massage Bar)


Price: $32.00+GST

This do-it-yourself massage bar is effective and extremely easy to use. The unique double curve design of the flexible bar ensures that you can use leverage to increase or decrease the pressure. This allowes for a safe , comfortable and customized massage of hard to reach areas such as the mid and lower back. Also great for the neck and shoulders!  Comes with a “how to use manual”. It is a great self massage tool for people spending the majority of their day in front of computers.


5) Thera Tense (Electronic Muscle Stimulating Massager)

thera tens

Price: $80.00+GST

Pain be gone! Manage muscle pain with this amazing devise.

 ‘TENS’, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a treatment that uses low voltage electric current to relieve pain associated with various conditions, including back pain.

The electricity from the electrodes stimulates nerves in the affected area and sends signals to the brain that "scramble" normal pain perception.

This TENS is a portable and lightweight device that has a digital control panel design, comes with a manual and is very easy to operate. By connecting two or more electrodes to the skin, you are able to modulate pulse width, frequency and intensity. The treatment is not painful and may be effective therapy to mask pain caused by a wide range of conditions including:

●        Arthritis

●        Knee pain

●        Neck pain

●        Back pain

●        Sports injuries

The results depend  on the individual and the condition being treated. The treatment is generally very safe and you may feel it's worth trying instead of, or in addition to, the usual medical treatments.






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Interview with Stephan Lewis, one of our therapists at Apex

I met with Stephan a few weeks ago to talk about his passion for massage therapy, love for art and life. Apex: What motivated you to become a massage therapist? SL: I had spent too much time working in the service industry and I started inwardly thrashing people. I worked in a bar downtown Toronto. After a few incidences happened I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever and it wasn’t making me happy.  I knew that I’m not going to be able to hide myself away from the world. I had to cultivate a different kind of relationship with humanity… Read More

2:33 pm

2018 Community Choice Awards - please vote for us!

We are very pleased to announce we have been selected as a finalist in Star Metro Calgary’s (formerly Metro News) 2018 Community Choice Awards in the Best Massage Clinic category. Read More

1:20 pm

What does staying connected actually mean to you? - by Shelly MacGregor

Shelly MacGregor: It was over coffee a couple weeks ago that a friend shared some results of a questionnaire that was given to girls around the age of 15. The questions were based on what skills would these girls like to learn from a confidence building course. One of the revelations discovered was the girls were hoping to learn ways to get their parents off their phones. Read More

3:21 pm

"Top three benefits of a monthly massage" - by Shelly MacGregor

Shelly MacGregor: You want to be more flexible, reduce stress hormones that age us faster, relax more, feel better in your body, increase circulation and actively reduce pain and muscle tension? Of course you do! And you can do all of these while laying on a massage table once a month! Read More

4:15 pm

"What is ART (Active Release Technique)" - our RMT Kelly Thomas answers one of the the questions submitted by our clients.

Kelly: Do you have a job or hobby that requires you to do the same motion over and over again, causing you pain and tension? Do you have an old injury that never fully healed? Has your stretching, exercise program or athletic performance plateaued? Read More

3:35 pm

Interview with Meeghan Mackenzie, one of our therapists at Apex

I sat down for a cup of tea with Meeghan a couple of weeks ago. We talked about her early days at Apex, her passion for massage therapy and music as well as her hopes for Zimbabwe, where she comes from. Read More

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Unplug YYC - National Day of Unplugging March 9-10 2018

Last year we saw Arianna Huffington speak and she spoke of the moment (her jump point) when her most productive life came crashing down. She spoke about the rush we get from constant demands and the dose of adrenaline from getting your to-do list complete. She referred to her complete exhaustion, fainting in her home and the realization that 4 – 6 hours a night of sleep was nothing to brag about. Read More

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Dreaming of having a massage at work?

The benefits of having a wellness program at work are many, but by simply having a professional offer chair massage to you and your co-workers during work hours boosts morale, decreases stress hormones, you enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time but the massage is stimulating and invigorating. Read More

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4 Ways to Live Injury Free - by Shelly MacGregor

We have all heard the tale of how our friend tore their Achilles tendon while playing basketball, soccer, ultimate or simply jumping at Crossfit or the gym but they leave out the part this was their first game in months. Thankfully most often the injury is less dramatic, suffering from a strained ligament or tendonitis. These injuries usually occur in the ankles, hamstrings, low back or rotator cuff, rendering you inactive for a few days or up to a few weeks. Read More